The Cannoli Pie Company operates a wholesale distribution business. Our frozen and fresh desserts are marketed under the Luigi’s Brand. We are the home of Luigi’s Original Cannoli Pie, a Connecticut Tradition for over 50 Years!



Luigi’s branded handmade frozen desserts are sold at 1,000+ retail grocery locations, restaurants, delicatessens, pizzerias, and specialty shops across the state of Connecticut! LEARN MORE



The December 2018 retooling of our manufacturing facility paved the way for both the expansion of our wholesale business and a new strategic partnership with Goldbelly, America’s top curated marketplace for Gourmet Food and Food Gifts (Goldbelly), which enables us to ship our frozen desserts anywhere in the United States. This means that you can share the gift of Cannoli Pie along with all the benefits of “The Cannoli State of Mind” with out-of-state friends and family. Please share our social media links and websites with all the Foodie Friends in your life!

Join us in continuing Connecticut’s Tradition of Cannoli Pie. Grab a taste of the rich history that started right here in Bridgeport. See all the wonderful things Cannolis can be…!

The Cannoli Pie Company has been delivering pies, cakes and specialty pastries since we opened in 1968. Dedicated to customer service, satisfaction, and hospitality, our privately owned and operated business strives to make you feel like family!

With a rich history of humble beginnings and a small bakery shop in Bridgeport, Connecticut, we’re proud to have grown our business to service customers nationwide including home delivery, supermarkets, restaurants and retailers across the country. More importantly, in doing so, we’ve remained true to our original cannoli pie and signature cheesecake products; hand-making each and every dessert that leaves our facility.

We hold our artisan bakers, employees, ingredients, and handmade products to the highest standards. It continues to be an honor to do something that we have loved to do for more than 50 years while providing our customers with authentic Italian baked goods that mean something special to them and their family traditions.



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