Luigi's Cannoli Cafe' is a tribute to our brand's namesake's, its 50-Year Tradition, and a small taste of the Cannoli Lifestyle (family, close friends, food that means something, the simple things, and la dolce vita).

Luigi's is famous for its Original Cannoli Pie and the most amazing Cannoli Cream that you have ever tasted! It is for this reason that we chose the name The Cannoli Pie Company when we relaunched and refocused our wholesale distribution business around being "Cannoli Specialists" and "Masters of All Things Cannoli." The Cannoli Cafe' is our showcase for this new vision and features a wide range of new products that make the Cannoli fun, portable, and more accessible (e.g. for Grab and Go; Quick Serve). You can buy all of our Frozen Desserts (Cannoli Pies, and Cheesecakes, Cuppa Cannolis, Cannoli Chips & Dips, Cannoli Cream, Shells, etc.) "Factory Direct" at The Cannoli Cafe. transmit LUIGI'S CANNOLI CAFE' MENU


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The Cannoli Pie Company also offers a range of new interactive packaging configurations that give our retail customers and end-users the flexibility to build Cannoli-based desserts ("DIY Style") --- whether it be for a small family dinner, special occassion/dinner party, or large family gathering or reunion.


In addition to our Original Cannol Pies and Cannolis, our new offerings include: CUPPA Cannolis. Donnolis, Cannoli CupCakes, Cannoli Chip & Dip, Cannoli Poppers, Cannoli Cakes, Personal Cannoli Pies, Cannoli Tarts, and many others.

The Cannoli Cafe' offers a full selection our new Fresh Cannoli Creations for both Eat-In and Take-Out as well as a Full Service Coffee and Espresso Bar.

Please stop by to see Master Baker, John Dimarco, and take a little time out to enjoy the Cannoli Life!

Cannoli Cafe' (203) 538-8660